Skin has a complex place in society and in pornography.

It's provocative (showing skin) and personal and intimate and also potentially dangerous - a transmitter, so we often cover it with plastics and barriers when we fuck. Barriers are a type of second skin, but they're mostly seen as dead, inert objects that are purely limiting and preventative.

Organic skin pushed up against transparent latex - and when you pull away your skin/spit/self leaves an imprint. At the same time clinical and visceral. The plastic has an artifical, android quality but there's also something abject about a piece of skin-like latex covered in marks of bodies and discarded after sex. It's of the body but it's also 'other'.

Barriers are an augmentation not just a limit - they have potential for new sensations. Bodies take on different qualities. Smooth, shiny tactileness. Cold or warm when in contact with skin. Transmitting sensation without faithfully replicating it. A sensory object to be played with and fucked around with and experimented on and they feel really good.

Limits are only limits if you see them only for what you're not getting instead of what you're gaining.