owen | vex

proximity II was created in response to the original exploration of intimacy in the first session. This initially focused on one subject connection with the lens and therefore the viewer. While in proximity II, the viewer watches two people focused on each other. It intends to highlight the intricacies and minutia of sex, things often lost in conventional porn. The closeness of the camera allows for greater focus on breath, sweat, touches that might otherwise be lost. Body parts merge and skin blends. It becomes less about clarity and more about atmosphere and experience.

The teaser comes as a test of the idea of "safe for work" - the internet defines 'sexual' and therefore 'unacceptable' by arbitrary levels of nudity. In response to the vilification of naked bodies, in this teaser, the full uncensored video has been stripped of deemed explicit content but the eroticism remains, technically making it SFW