flower fucking, floracating

Treating bodies like botany, in intense, investigative close up, scientifically graphic, reveals them at their most intimate but also maybe their most anonymous and dissociated. Personally, there's limited appeal in faceless genitals smashing together like in those endlessly repeating porn gifs of penis in pussy, but there's something weirdly captivating about seeing them as abstract, fleshy, sticky forms. Merging and abstracting. Graphically close and somehow entirely detached from their function.

Bodies in high definition close up have always walked the line between seductive and repulsive. It highlights the texture of skin, teeth, stray hairs, stubble, bitten lips, scars, wrinkles, dirt under nails, things that distance and make up and lighting tend to mask.

Strange and sticky and grotesque and captivating. Micro and Macro.